June 10, 2011

/solo exhibition/ Little universe with colour red 紅色小宇宙

一卡木箱微型展覽 之 

Mini solo exhibition
Little universe with colour red
Venue / Match cafe
Time / 2010.5.20-5.40

Concept / 
a mobile wood case carrying a little universe,
with my works and those micro red little things.
Mainly to exchange my photograph(postcards) and your story.

Rules / 
ME : read my story and imagine.
紅色小宇宙25行星的故事 / 也許說了什麼 / 也許只是一陣日常的沉默 / 你從中看到了什麼嗎 / 吉光片羽或殘壁斷垣 / 焦躁 / 和平 / 虛妄 / 自溺 / 無論你浮現了什麼 / 那都是我

YOU : take the camera and take one picture of you, face or piece, your food or your your foot.

US : write down your address in note then I will sent you the one picture randomly from the camera with my own private story.

about / 
the red story (publication)

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